SAMSUNG EVO Plus Micro SD Card 128GB U1 U3 4K Memory Card. Special offer


SAMSUNG EVO Plus Micro SD Card 128GB U1 U3 4K Memory Card. Special offer

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SAMSUNG EVO Plus Micro SD Card 128GB A2 V30 U3 Memory Card Was 37.80
Brand Name : Samsung
Samsung Model : MB-MC
Item Condition : New
Video Speed Class : V10
Certification : CE
Certification : FCC
Package : Yes
Application : High Speed Read and Write
Application : Mobile Phone
Application : Tablet
Application : Notebook
Application : Tachograph
Application : Camera
Application : Monitoring
Application : Speakers
Application : Digital Devices
Application : Robot
Application : UAV
Application : File Storage
Application : Others
Read/Write Speed : CLASS 10
Model Number : SAMSUNG MB-SC
Application Performance Class : A1
Origin : KR(Origin)
Class Level : C10
Type : TF / Micro SD Card
UHS Level : U1
SD Type : microSDXC
Application : High Speed Read and Write
Read Speed : max up to 130MB/s
UHS Level : 64GB U1 A1 V10
UHS Level : 128GB/256GB/512GB U3 A2 V30
About capacity:128GB = approximately 112GB-120GB

This is calculation difference between manufacturer and your PC, please Google ‘Memory card capacity’ to get more information.

Your PC says 1GB = 1.073741824 Billion bytes where Market Defines 1GB = 1.00 Billion bytes.

EVO PLUS+ 128GB U3 A2 V30 Class10 speed Max Rread speed to 130MB/s

Testing Method: The official factory default speed value is the ideal maximum value, the actual speed test process and the use of the environment-related (such as the use of equipment, different configurations, different types of file storage speed is different, because the type of file, size, size Different and different), so we can not guarantee the actual speed value! The speed show on our link is test by professional instrument, you’d better use 3.0 interface and 3.0 card reader, then you can get a nice speed.


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