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First Things First

Welcome. On 30 September, 2021, Lets-Encrypt, a leader in online secure website certification (HTTPS) stopped functioning, resulting in millions of websites not currently able to provide any secure web presence. As a result, we are converting our websites back to IIS, fully https secured and licenced https certification. Our websites will be remodelled on this basis. Even if, once again, restarted.

Which websites are affected?

  1. Worldwide - millions. Over 260 million in fact. For us:-
  2. Selectec.co.nz
  3. Spirit.org.nz
  4. Northpac.co.nz
  5. All other supported websites are certified and running outside of this issue.

What are the three primary websites intended for?

  1. Selectec.co.nz is a supplier of tech and trade materials and related support.
  2. Spirit.org.nz is a reserved website supporting online communities (in recess, but we retain hope!)
  3. Northpac.co.nz was reserved for the related business closed in 2017 in favour of building development.

Final Notes