PCI-E Riser VER 010S PLUS Mining local stock


PCI-E Riser VER 010S PLUS Mining local stock

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1. Newest VER010S Plus Mining Super Version
2. Using 60cm USB 3.0 cable as extender cable, premium quality and super speed.
3. With 8x FP solid capacitors, making graphics power supply more stable and secure.
4. With SATA 15pin Male to 6pin power cable, more powerful, and reduce the burden of the motherboard.
5. Gold plated contacts for better connectivity and long life.
6. Compatible with 1x,2x,4x,8x,16x PCI-E slot of the motherboard.
7. With side clip to fasten other card.
8. No driver needed
9. Dedicated for bitcoin mining
10. Power via Molex or two different 6-PIN inputs onboard the riser.
11. 7 LED lights onboard the main board, and one LED light on the 1X chip board.
12. Marquee Led can help miner to better monitor faults, very convenient, fast and stable!

You’ll receive:

1 x PCI-E 16X Card
1 x PCI-E 1X Card
1 x SATA to 6Pin Power Cable
1 x USB 3.0 Cable

Additional longer length USB cables also available in limited quantity (see seperate listing.)


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