PC drive screws M3 round head 20g . Apprx 28 in bag

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PC drive screws M3 round head 20g . Apprx 28 in bag

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Bag of PC standard screws M3 Philips round head build screws.

Per 20g (minimum weight) Aprrox 28 in bag
Also available per 50G (approx 70 in bag) – see separate auction.

M3 Computer Floppy/DVD/Drive Screws. Alternative to the HEX head screws also available. May contain a few similar screws of different head types (due to sorting process.)

Material: Plated Steel

Note” For cases, cards, refer to M6 or M6/32 instead. These are the traditional sized screws used for drive bays (e.g. disk drives/dvd etc.)

Also able to look at other design screws as may be in stock from our long closed workshop (e.g. hex, pan head, small head, back case hand screw types, brass fittings, plastic risers, security screws etc) so please, let us know.


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