379 LR521 SR521SW 1.55V Cell Batteries x5 Startec


379 LR521 SR521SW 1.55V Cell Batteries x5 Startec

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Per five batteries in sealed card.
Post is per order.

Model: 379 (SR521SW)

May also be known as:
# 379 # SR521SW # D379 # V379 # V520 # 280-59
# GP379 # SR63 # AG0 # 618 # JA # LR521
Laser pointers, Clocks, Watches, Calculators, Computers, Cameras,
Digital cameras, PDAs, Remote controls, Camcorders, Electronic games,
Electronic instruments, MP3 players, Digital voice recorders, Toys,
Blood glucose, Cholesterol testing meters,
Hundreds of other electronic products
Please keep batteries in dry and cool place.
Do not recharge or dispose off in fire.
Insert the battery in right direction and avoid short-circuit.


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