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Value supplies

Our prices are generally less than the best listed price from leading merchants in the country of origin (e.g. Bunnings, Carters, Placemakers, ITM) and are considered sell down or trade supplies not subject to competitive pricing reductions (not retail priced.) 

Liquidation Inventory

Our trade supply category also includes remaining items from liquidation sources who's asset's were disclaimed by liquidators. Also close-down items from other companies (which may or may not attract GST.) These are being added to the list from 1 July 2018 as we can add them. If you are aware of one or more of the liquidation or close-down sources, type their primary company name in the search box to list all items from that source.

Offers to purchase the entire trade supply category range as currently loaded (and conclude the 'on-behalf' selldown trade supply programme of those 'trade supply' items) would also be considered. The value is considered on the potential loss of sales of equivalent product over a reasonable period as we would be looking to introduce trade lines from proceeds. 

GST may not be charged for liquidated inventory where stipulated by taxation rules. The same applies to some of the older Select Tech asset's pre-2017 already written off or personally owned (private Non-GST sale.) Your tax invoice total GST portion may therefore be less than 15% of the total purchase. 

Collections and deliveries

Collect (Lower Hutt) or weekly/fortnightly afterhours as available Wgtn - Hutt - Wairarapa - Kapiti - Foxton deliveries available. Prices inclusive of NZ GST where applicable. Delivery additional. For the purpose of competitive pricing, prices shown are our direct to public trade price including tax. Please add 15% if you require a retail quote. 

Trade Clearances

Treating all customers on a level playing field:

Goods under trade clearance will not be further discounted except by our own review processes as market conditions change. This is to allow us to confidently trade out popular (and on behalf) items with new taxable inventory to rebuild a trade programme. Discounting further will mean no future business and a loss to all. For this reason, the price you pay is the same price our top customers would also pay.

Special purpose items - your opportunity as a member

We do promote sales of items targeted for special purposes. Such as interest groups. And we offer members of our administered groups the opportunity to sell products and services through this platform. If you are interested in selling your product or services, please note the following non-adjustable terms:

You must manufacture the product or directly supply the service. Drop shipping, supplier resale and third party services are specifically exempt. You must hold the item or service in stock; or state clearly the production or installation time required.We appreciate that some trade items (e.g. PVC manufacturing) can take weeks. Sometimes months where installation is also required.

Our role is a financial escrow and trade booking service only. Our fee is 12.5% plus the Paypal fee where charged. We can not quantify the paypal fee as this appears to change (refer There is no minimum or maximum sale value. Your prices should take into account our fees and competitive nature of trading.

Our customer will order through the site and pay to us directly. You will then supply the goods and services ordered. Once the goods or services are supplied, or progressive claims received, you will be paid less the above noted fees.

Should the customer not be satisfied with the installation and withhold the final amount, you nor I are liable for this balance to or from either party. The customer singularly shall be pursued for the balance owed.

You are responsible for any warranty claims and must provide warranty in line with regulations in the country of work performed. As an escrow and booking service only, we are not responsible for your quality of work, supply or warranty issues.

You are entitled to see copy of the relevant paypal fees where deducted (or proof of such deduction made by Paypal.) 

 Should you bypass our services working direct with our customers, our engagement of your services will cease immediately and legal matters may be pursued to protect the nature of fair trading. We expect the same should the reverse apply. Our tenant is fair trade. Be fair.

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