3M KN95 / N95 9502+ – NIOSH N95 approved respirator


3M KN95 / N95 9502+ – NIOSH N95 approved respirator

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Product Details

Model 9502+N95

Color White

Material Electrostatic filter cotton/Non-woven

Standard KN95

Certification GB2626-2019

Product Features

Multi layer filter structure protection

Aluminum adjustable nose clip

Elastic elastic headband

Soft sponge nose pad

Soft liner

Disposable mask

Comfortable and breathable

Good protective effect

Good air tightness

Head style

Cleaning and reusing N95 masks guidelines:


Made in China by 3M (embossed and authentic.)

Deliveries: Pickup, ute/trailer (local), NZ: Registered Post/Couriers. Invoicing: A Tax Invoice is available and usually emailed with every sale.


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